The world has changed somewhat and we’re far more international, and indeed modern, in both our makeup and our behaviours.

Christmas is quiet, say estate agents, but does Christmas mean as much to our friends in South East Asia as it does to Dave and Wendy in Bow? No.

New Year is quiet because everyone is away (and still recovering from Christmas), say estate agents, but New Year for the Chinese is in a completely different month!

So what of Spring, and more specifically this Spring and the property market in Canary Wharf?

Well it is fair to say it’s got busier.

I’m not going to pontificate on the reasons why, I’m not going to say it’s because the evenings are lighter, or that it’s warmer and therefore more conducive to going on viewings, or talk about that undeniable and unexplainable feeling that makes you just feel, well, just more motivated to do stuff. I’m just going to say it’s busier.

So, pick up the phone, drop us an email and do, well, stuff!

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