Millwall Park is also home to Millwall Rugby Club, who have been here since 1995. They do stuff for adults and kids too.

Millwall Park also used to be home to Millwall Football Club, but that was a long time ago in 1885 when the football team was called Millwall Rovers. So, if you've ever got confused and thought that Millwall was near Bermondsey, it isn't, it's here, but that's why you're confused.

Other people still play football here, like Millwall Albion, and you can play cricket here too.

If you come here early in the morning, like I did the other day, you may find people doing stretching exercises and running around.

What most people don't realise is how close Millwall Park is to Canary Wharf. Look behind me. You can see One Canada Square, the Citigroup building and Baltimore Tower.

I often come to Millwall Park, so maybe I'll see you there, but you'll definitely find me here again next week.

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