Have preapproved financing: If you can demonstrate that home financing will be secure, this can give you a distinct advantage over some other offers. Before you start looking at homes do what you can to find preapproval for a mortgage and demonstrate that you will be able to close on your offer.

Have your established price: in competition things can get quite heated, if you have a final price that you would be willing to pay for the home don’t exceed that amount. Regrets can come for homeowners that lose out on a home by just a few thousand dollars for example. By having the top end of your budget, you will experience less regrets.

Assessing the competition: As professional estate agents in East London, proper local can provide you with some background of the competition. Knowing if you are competing with just one other prospective buyer or 12 can give you an indication of roughly what your chances may be at getting the home.

Advanced home inspection: While it is definitely not recommended to do away with a home inspection you could consider an advanced home inspection before putting in your offer. With the home inspection out of the way the homeowner will know that your offer is completely serious and that there will be no contingency that you might back out.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind from our estate agent in East London and remember that Proper Local can prepare you to compete with these types of traditional tips and more.

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