Here are some top tips to consider when staging a home for sale:

Kill the clutter: If you have too much clutter in your home it can make it very difficult to sell. Buyers can be overwhelmed quite easily with all of the items you may have in your home so it's important to consider a more neutral design scheme for your home. Do what you can to put away extra family photos and knickknacks and try to create an area that is free of clutter even in closets and storage locations.

Look at your lighting: adding in a few mirrors and switching to some warmer lighting fixtures can add a lot of new life into your home. Addressing your overhead lighting as well as the chandeliers and table lamps will help to make sure your home has plenty of natural light and that the features of your home can be shown off appropriately.

Use neutral colors: Loud or brash colors in your home can often make it far from neutral. With colors that are simple, it can make repainting for a new owner much easier as well as ensure they can really picture themselves inside your home.

New linens and scents: regularly changing sheets, towels and more will give your home a much more fresh scent. You can also do your best to light a candle before a showing or install some scented plugins to make the whole house smell fresh and invigorating.

Keeping some of these top ideas in mind when staging your home for sale in East London will help you to get a higher asking price and ensure that your home is on the market for less time!

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