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Ask most people why Canary Wharf would be good place to live and you’ll probably find that most say:

“I guess it would be convenient for work if you worked there.”

Yes, Canary Wharf is London’s key financial district and of course yes, it would be the most convenient place to live if you work there. All rather obvious really, but it’s what most people think.

However, as proper locals we know there’s a bit more to the Canary Wharf than the glass and steel that first meets the eye…

At Proper Local we specialise in properties to rent in East London, but wherever in London you are looking to rent a property, this useful guide will help you save time.

Rental contracts in the UK typically contain two month notice periods for both landlords and tenants, although if the original fixed term of the contract has expired (and has lapsed into what it is termed a ‘statutory periodic tenancy’) tenants are only required to give one month’s notice to vacate.

You may not think that tenancy law has a bearing on when you should start your rental search, but it comes back to this: when do agents start marketing properties to let?

One of the main reasons for a loft conversion is to swap unused space in the roof for useful living space. However, once the design of the proposed room appears, it’s often easy to spot that not all the potential space is being used, largely because it’s awkward – in size, shape or accessibility. So what are the creative ideas for bringing this dead space back to life so you can make the most of your new loft conversion’s accommodation?

estate agent

As an estate agency currently tracking at 4.9 out of 5 stars with our Feefo reviews you might think that we think we’ve got this selling and renting lark down to a tee. But do we? No.

OK, so that might be a bit overly-humble – we do know what we’re doing of course – but the point is this: do we, as estate agents, truly understand what our customers want from us?

Tenant fees

Just in case you missed it, we thought it might be worth republishing this recent article from Andrew Ellson of The Times.

Of course, at Proper Local we couldn’t agree with Andrew more: the charging structure of most ‘traditional’ estate agents is indeed ridiculous.

Whilst Andrew doesn’t explicitly say it, the structure to which he is referring is a percentage-based fee structure. What very few agents will ever admit to you is that it’s the same amount of work whether you’re selling (or letting) a one bedroom flat as it is a four bedroom house. So quite why an agent would charge a fee which is two, three, four or even five times as much for doing the same job leaves us at a loss too. That’s why we charge a fixed fee.

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